Posted by: fireweaver | January 20, 2006

‘s ok, not my $

just got back a while ago from a vendor-sponsored “happy hour”… which is to say i had a nice meal and decent wine (and tasty baby creme brulee and pink champagne) on someone else’s dollar. i always have mixed feelings about this stuff, since on one hand (this part’s obvious) it’s way fun and i’m poor, but on the other hand does this make me a cheap proto-corporate-whore? our sales rep for la corporación grande is always such a good guy, lots of fun and all, but there’s always that wonder if he’s actually nice or still schmoozing. the rest of the work crew was discussing the need for someone (prolly me) to throw another big party soon, since there’s been no big social time all together since, oh, the last time i had a bbq. and the rep says, “hey cool, can i come too?” and of course i say yes, being as how friendly and amusing he is, and how easy it is to grant anything if it’s not actually happening yet. just sucks that one has to second-guess it all, as in, will the other work peeps think i’m a sucker if i’m inviting the sales-guy to my house? or, does he genuinely want to non-work socialize with all of us, or is he still selling something?

ah, well, ’nuff of all of that… time to (once again) go get my study on. i’m just not good at freaking out, so this worrying about upcoming (not till JUNE…time to procrastinate, or time to have a long protracted meltdown?!?!?) board exam thingy gets tiring.


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