Posted by: fireweaver | February 1, 2006

chicken & poached pears

also posted on discuss cooking:

(ok, technically, not “poached”, but i just like saying “poached pears”)

as per usual with my cooking, not much in the way of measurements, it’s all eye-balled.

1 chicken breast or 2-3 tenders per person
red onion
dried dill
dried parsley
fresh pear, about 1/2 large pear per person (i used overripe asian pear, but any type will do, as long as it’s not mushy yet)
fresh ginger (sold as fresh minced ginger in a glass jar, very convenient)
white button mushrooms, 1/2 handful per person
finely shredded carrots (packaged ready-shredded at the store)
white wine optional (crisp & only slightly sweet but not heavy…tonight was a tasty new zealand sauvignon blanc)

slice chicken and pear into 1/2″ thick bite-size strips. slice mushrooms and onions thinly. heat pan on medium-hi, when warm, add a generous pat of butter. sautee onions, mushrooms, and chicken in melted butter. when nearly done (onions are clearer, chicken has browned edges), sprinkle with dill and parsley, add heaping spoonful of minced ginger and handful of shredded carrots, stir to coat. move to sides of the pan to make room in the center for pears. stir gently so as to not mash up pears, but do mix them thoroughly with other ingredients. when pears are cooked (some have browned on the edges), turn up heat and add enough white wine to deglaze pan.

serve with side salad of field greens or spinach, long-grain/multigrain rice, or asian-style potstickers. recipe as-is is light and moderately sweet.

go carribean: add a pinch of jerk seasoning in place of dill & parsley, and lots of fresh lime juice at the end.
go thai: add coconut and spicy little chiles with herbs & carrots

wine for this evening with above (as-is version) was fauna’s sauvignon blanc, which has a cute lil bird right on the label. we love that.


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