Posted by: fireweaver | February 8, 2006

driving around

so, today being tuesday, i’m out with my study-group in frederick for most of the day, which is typically ever-so-useful for me…  i need the structure of prepping to discuss one chapter of THE BLUE BOOK in detail every week, being as how it’s exactly as thrilling as every other textbook you’ve ever had to slog through.  i know me, and my tendency to be waaaaay laid-back about most everything that is not immediately a crisis would ensure that i’d keep putting reading that thing off until about a week before the test.  you know, that little voice that says, “hey, you read 500+ page novels in a short weekend, so this book in a week should be no big deal at all!”

funny how you focus on tiny tangential things that have nothing to do with the issue at hand when the whole thing is a bit scary to wrap your head around:  i keep mentally bitching about how i have to buy a tank of gas every week just to cover the 60 miles each way…

i’ve put myself on a fiction-book moratorium for the duration, which has worked out very well since new year’s…which means i made that work out for exactly a month.  i had no less than 3 people give me books, AND an amazon reward certificate showed, so really, it was only a matter of time.   Vivian’s contribution to my book crisis was the latest ‘artemis fowl‘ book, which caused the downfall by being all innocent.  this series is a bit of cute little distraction, fun stories that go by very quickly, ‘kid stuff’ with short page-lengths.  naturally, therefore, that little voice (see above) reckoned that i could finish it quite quickly (i did), and therefore it didn’t really count as a board-study distraction.  yeah, right.  i’m just saying, artemis fowl is now the gateway marajuana for serious sci-fi crack.


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