Posted by: fireweaver | February 22, 2006



i know i did this just about a year and a half ago, but damn technology, can’t live without it.

and sure as hell can’t live without it performing optimally.  we are soooo spoilt.

but now the computer has been re-formatted, hard drive wiped, and time only remains to tell what i forgot buried somewhere in the last version of c:/  i remembered to grab the music, the pics, the netscape bookmarks, the cracked games (what would we do without luxor after all?), the all-important resume…  i’ve changed the pic on the desktop (it’s a v.lovely close-up of my recently blooming amaryllis), and finally gone over to firefox for good (i’m all over the pimpzilla theme), so i guess there you go.  keep your fingers crossed that i can actually maneuver through more than half a page before the computer crashes, and then i can get around to posting more often than every other week.




  1. My god, I love Pimpzilla. Great job (and my desktop is a picture of a ladybug I captured in the garden yesterday)

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