Posted by: fireweaver | February 23, 2006

freaking out: the next level

got a teeny weeny thin lil letter from ACLAM today, and now i’m all giddy because not only did they cash my big ol check (2 months ago), but also, they got around to reviewing my application materials, and all is good.

so, i’m official:  test is on june 18th.  all those tuesdays (wednesdays last semester, sure) spent out at USAMRIID with m’army peeps studying our brains out now get to actually count for something.

i was immediately on the phone with Lynn, my office roommate, who shares such stressors (her letter came yesterday), announcing it was like i had won a teeny lottery.  “well,” she says, “more like now you’re entered in the lottery.”

sigh.  true ’nuff.


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