Posted by: fireweaver | March 3, 2006


went tuesday to see ‘night watch’ at the charles, and was pleasantly surprised overall.

first off, Bruce thought we didn’t need to get there until 7 or so (show started at 7.30), being as how “it’s some obscure russian thing.” i made him & Trembley show up at my house at 6, and by the time we got to the theater at 630ish, there was already a line from the ticket-taker to the door. Bruce says, “wow, Michelle, you were so right to get us here this early!” i almost passed out from shock.

then whilst chatting pre-show with Trembley’s kiddo (i like this one, she’s smart enough to behave in public, tho what someone is thinking to bring a 14yr old to an R-rated flick in russian, i’ll never guess) about Kim Harrison & Jim Butcher books, the guy in the seat in front of us turned around and handed us some flyers to the upcoming balticon, with Neil Gaiman as the guest of honor, which makes this worth going to. later in that conversation, his ladyfriend then got my business card so i could give a talk at one of their science club meetings.

the movie itself was super fun.  i expected ‘underworld’, really, all looks-good but dumber than a box of rocks.  the trailer was enough to show me that the effects were pretty cool, but of course, they don’t really bother to do much more than flash cool images at you in 120 sec.  the story they were telling with all the effects was acutally a good one, surprisingly enough, with a relatively unique spin on the mythos of old familiar concepts (vampires, the war of good vs. evil, etc).  i particularly liked how the story wasn’t all spelled out for us right at the beginning, so i got to piece together bits throughout the whole movie (i.e., the movie had the courage to *not* assume everyone in the theater to be a cliff-notes-requiring moron).  we’re eagerly awaiting the sequel ‘day watch’, tho the story goes that it’s a lot flashier and action-driven, not as much thinking.  oh well, the books it’s all based on start to get released domestically in the summer, so we can check it out then.


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