Posted by: fireweaver | March 7, 2006

sharing needles

my girl Candace got into a very nasty car/motorcycle accident almost a year ago, that has since resulted in some long-term never-healing issues with her hip.  she’s been through rounds with the md’s that tell her there’s nothing more they can do to fix all this, but it’s definately far from all better.

meanwhile, Vivian’s bf Justin is in town this weekend for their 5th anniversary.  he just happens to be in his last semester of internship
in getting a master’s in traditional chinese medicine, with an emphasis in acupuncture.  he travels with his box o’needles, and just loooves practicing on willing victims whenever possible (he’s a nice guy and very into helping people out, which makes him a good physical therapist).

obviously, we had to get these two together.

after the ever-so-professional interview (*so* like us taking histories in vet school), Justin went poking needles in strategic places (princess Candy was all giddy that the needle tips happened to be pink) and setting 3 small jars over sore spots for cupping.  then the cups have to sit for 10 minutes, so he asks me how i’m doing lately.

uh oh.  well.  woke up yesterday morning with the left side of my jaw dislocated.  this sucks, btw, if it’s never happened to you i hope it doesn’t, and i’d like to give a big ol shout-out to whatever god doles out this sort of thing that it doesn’t generally happen to me.  kinda means that you can’t close your mouth without shooting pains through your head searing your eyeball.  at this point i’d been continuously trying to pop my jaw or clenching my teeth to attempt to hold my mandible in place, which meant that my whole neck was knotted up and my jaw felt bruised.  Justin says, oh, hey, we can fix that no problem.  here, i’ll just place a few needles in the side of your face first to take the pain & swelling down.

needles in my *face*?  people, i think not.  i have heretofore resisted all offers to go poking bits of metal in my head, being as how that weirds me out.  but what am i going to do, with Candy laying right there full of needles?  sigh.  go ahead.

and then *poof* like magic, the muscle tension up my neck is gone, and it takes him all of 3 seconds to put my mandible right back where it goes.  damn.  apparently, his school is paying off.


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