Posted by: fireweaver | March 8, 2006

grey monday

to quote the news feed:

“Gov. Mike Rounds signed legislation Monday that would ban most abortions in South Dakota, a law he acknowledged would be tied up in court for years while the state challenges the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.

The bill would make it a crime for doctors to perform an abortion unless the procedure was necessary to save the woman’s life. It would make no exception for cases of rape or incest.”

2 very very serious problems here people: first off, let’s look at the less obvious one. the sd gov says he fully expects this to be tied up in court for years. that’s a fantastic waste of taxpayer money (since all the lawyers, legislators, judges, etc etc etc aren’t exactly working for free) and resources. even many pro-life advocates are doubting the wisdom of this direct-assault plan rather than slow changes to existing laws, being as how if it gets shot down, all goes back to the current status quo and the failure would discourage future attempts. never fails to amaze me with how concerned the religious right is by the life in utero, but how unconcerned with what happens after birth. if the moral and right thing to do was to protect children, why not dump this cash into hiring more teachers, counselors, or child protective services social workers?
cold economics and practicality out of the way, the much more glaring issue comes up: oh my god. even in backwoods south f’ing dakota, where there are a tiny 800 abortions a year, are they really willing to go back to the dark ages?? are they willing to risk their college age daughters staying up all night to drive across state lines, “take care of her problem”, and drive back before the weekend is over to avoid parental and legal scrutiny? the SOLE exemption in this law is at the express risk of the mother dying, making NO exemption in cases of rape or incest. i’m utterly sickened by the thought that a 12 year old assault victim is then required to cart around her dad/uncle/brother/stepfather’s pregancy around for 9 months simultaneous to trying to hack through 6th grade. just as bad to imagine the girlfriend at work explaining her pregancy to the gang. “hey, didn’t even know you were seeing anybody!” “yeah, well, got raped a few months ago, can’t do anything about it now.”

those are, of course, just the flashy objections, the ones that are just as visceral as the pro-lifer’s claims of baby-murdering. how about we get down to the everyday reality, though, shall we? surprises happen. until a completely effective method of birth control is available (and yeah, while abstinance is a good idea for the abovemeniontioned 12 year old, it’s really not reality for the 30-ish coworker. basically we’d therefore be asserting that sex is solely the province of married heterosexuals attempting specifically to reproduce, which is to say, we all have no control over our reproductive & sexual freedoms, which is to say, just as puritanical dark-ages as the abortion debate in the first place), early termination of a pregnancy is a reality. there are times when a married couple isn’t financially secure enough to have a child, when a woman starting her career isn’t ready to put that career on hold for a baby, when a single mom struggling on food stamps isn’t willing to struggle even more, when the college student doesn’t want to postpone her education for this. the average person’s life, the way it is shaped by the intersection of personal freedoms, economics, and kids, **that’s** what the real fight is about.



  1. I just saw that on the news! I was just stunned and amazed at the supidity of that SD Gov. – and aparently according to the news, their are other states ready to follow his lead. – just craziness!
    He needs to be voted out of office quick and anyone who thinks that way too!

    Love to read all your posts, I’m finally commenting on the right page!
    It was great to hear from you on the phone today. Keep Blogging, I’ll keep reading them.

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