Posted by: fireweaver | March 9, 2006


so, first off, i got about 6″ hacked off my hair yesterday. most of the peeps at work didn’t even notice, which i suppose happens when you have ass-length hair reduced to just above waist-length. ends were really ratty, def needed it, much better now. isn’t it just odd, though, how much lighter your head feels afterward? i mean, it really couldn’t have been more than a few grams worth on the floor there…

and second off, check this news story out about a newly discovered lobster species. it’s little, fuzzy, and blonde. cute. i’m sure someone will decide it’s a tasty delicacy, and then they’ll all be et up in another couple years or so.




  1. hey girl,

    Next time you cut your hair cut it shoulder length and donate the cut portion to “Locks of Love” I’m pretty sure that’s the name of the organization. It’s wigs for kids who lose their hair, and your hair is really pretty. Just a thought.

    ps – saw the crab thing on the news, so weird!

  2. the org in question is in fact named locks of love. Vivian donates her hair to them every couple of years. the 6 inches i got hacked off this time, tho, were because it *needed* to go, not because it was time for a change…which is to say, the lil cancer kids would not have wanted it at all.

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