Posted by: fireweaver | March 14, 2006


weekends are good. get ya back in perspective & all. while i very much love my work, i definately need downtime in larger chunks than the couple hours in the evening before sleep.

friday night: went out with Bruce & Cranny to the midtown, which we haven’t been to since the ownership changed hands. sad to say, our fave bit of eyecandy, Eric, is no longer handing me my hard cider, but the funky guy with the salt & pepper beard (prematurely grey??) fills in just fine. Cranfield cracks me up when he’s tipsy, he insisted that we call Vivian to see why she wasn’t at the bar with us (uh, maybe because she doesn’t drink so much, it’s way too loud in there for her, and it’s smoky?), and got into trouble with another old friend of his for his girlfriend woes (don’t ask). i did end up with a shockingly good burger, covered in grilled onions & blue cheese, way above & beyond the standard pub food.

after i get home, i chat online with the 2 current storylines in the “adventures in online dating” show. one’s down-to-earth, professional, just a scotch older than me (in a good way), and really really hard to pin down as to whether or not he’s actually interested. sort of a case of looks good on paper, but in real life, who knows. he’s definately worth an actual meeting, but i’m not so sure where i stand there. batchelor no.2, tho, is currently running all hot & cold on me. he’s just a scotch younger than me (barely makes my cut-off), artsy, nerdy/sci-fi geeky, and hilarious. first time we chatted, he was attentive and very interested, and i had that *spark* that says i’m ever so intrigued, to the point where he actually got my digits during that conversation (typically, the pre-screening process is a bit longer than that). chat friday, though, eh, he’s not as gung-ho, and while he says he’ll call me sometime this weekend, it didn’t happen. ah well, figuring out the opposite sex is all cracktacular anyway…

saturday afternoon: Vi & i embark on one of our shopping field trips. i found a supercute silky scarf for m’head, all in bright fun spring colors, on clearance to boot. still debating a very cute floppy-brimmed summer hat from the same store.  tasty pho for dinner, and han ah reum for more produce than you can shake a stick at. super fantastic ripe strawberries for 99 cents a package, went nuts, had to buy 2.

sunday: Candace & Gary come over so i can sew biker patches onto a leather biker vest.  i was dead convinced my lil brother sewing machine could NOT hack this job.  fun surprise: with big ass size 18 needles, it’s no trouble at all.  someday i should bust out the bits of leather i have stashed in the craft closet and finish that project, too.

sigh, so the current issue is, of course, that i end up making it only halfway through the issue of compmed that i have to discuss with my other boards-buddies tomorrow am.   i’ve either got to come up with creative ways to not get burned out, or make a stronger resolve to NOt be such a slacker f-up.  must. read. boring. articles. about. rt-pcr primers.  aak.


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