Posted by: fireweaver | March 15, 2006

catching up with the t-dog

tuesdays, i have my study group. this means that i drive all the way out to frederick (about 1hr each way) to get my learn on with my army peeps. today, i crammed everything i think i’m supposed to know about ferrets into my head. i hope it works.

generally, we get done with all of this in the early afternoon. sitting in the car for an hour, just a few short hours post-prandial, is ever so narcolepsy-inducing. to avoid wrecking Lex, as well as having some much-needed catch-up time with the peeps that live far far away, tuesday has turned into my “call everyone and chit chat for no reason” day.

Suzy said in one of her recent blog posts that she needed to be rescued from lab & school hell. apparently, she was buried in it today, no answer.

i hear from Allison that Christy has a supersweet new job, with an assistant and a fancy penthouse office. likewise, apparently buried in the world of high-stakes corporate finance.

my baby brother Taylor, though, he was around.  i hear from mom that he’s in trouble a lot lately, what with totalling his car (“but mom, i only looked down for a second!  when i looked up, i was across 2 lanes of traffic!”) and spending all his $ on the ladies (well, just one, but apparently she take ma moooneeeey!).  so, obviously, this kid needs a talking to, without the nagging and the b.s.  he says he’s looking to get a job, and i’m voting for a)one on campus, noting the lack of transport, and b)a lab rat, since that can be a career if (when) he bombs out of school.  now, people, not a guinea pig, being in studies for money isn’t a good steady income.  i’m telling the kiddo to go to work in a lab and pick up basic science skills there, that he can take with him.

also, he says it’s not as crazy with him & his ladylove as mom interprets, which is good.

sigh, i remember when this one was 1.5′ tall…


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