Posted by: fireweaver | March 17, 2006

my friends are about 18

on a good day, apparently.

boys are strange creatures. no matter how old we get, this is still the truth. the bizarre passion they feel for sports, for people they have/will never meet, playing for cities they’ve never been to, it’s unfathomable. and it’s hilarious just exactly how truly madly deeply they care about it.

we end up at a big ol sports bar tonight after work, lured in by the free “mexican buffet” and half-price margaritas (intel, btw, was incorrect, as the cheap tequila happens only in the summers. and the food was relatively lame, but you knew that), sitting in front of a trio of projection-screens full of march madness basketball and world playoff baseball. you literally couldn’t turn around to avoid a tv in the place, as plenty of smaller screens were showing various other events, like boxing and even one of figure skating. all the work boys are just giddy about the baseball (they spend insane quantities of time and probably a bit of money playing fantasy baseball), fighting over their draft picks, yelling at the american players in the international game, etc.

at some point in the evening, the table just in front of us fills up with a pack of late-middle aged business types (balding + suits) that are clearly into the basketball games. 2 out of the 3 big screens are showing basketball, but that’s apparently not enough. they get one of the poor waiters to change the channel so that all 3 are showing basketball.

our boys go insane.

Bruce is (of course) cussing at the top of his lungs, Andy provides some rage assistance, bald mr.cranky from the other table stands up and informs us to fuck off, this game’s important, Andy says (i swear i’m not making this up) “hey, it wouldn’t be the first time i’ve beat up a 50 year old guy, you fucking communist!” much macho verbal swaggering commences about potential fighting, while i’m screaming “figure skating, damnit!” the baseball eventually gets put back on, just on the next tv over. Bruce has to call over the manager to get the game put back on the same tv due to “the principle of it all. we were here first!!”

i swear to god i thought i was going to have to mock from the sidelines of a bar fight. estimating relative age at 18 is probably a little high at this point.


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