Posted by: fireweaver | March 21, 2006

donde esta candid camera??

a guy who i was talking to at one point, but haven’t seen online in a couple weeks, popped up last night. i drop a note to say hi, we chat for a few minutes before he says it’s his bedtime (which, really, people, why on earth do you dive in to your im program for 5 min before bed?  odd…), which i of course remark as being rather lame.  he suggests alternate activities to keep us both awake and amused, such as me asking him out, and then notifies me how great he is in bed.

this is a bit disappointing, being as how he wouldn’t be on my friend list if he’d been going on about the cheapo score from the get-go, and *everyone* feels the need to share just how stellar they are at boot-knocking.  it gets old.

after a bit of eye-rolling on my part, he gives up and instead of just saying goodnight, says something closer to goodbye.  at the e-quivalent of a raised eyebrow, he informs me that i “had my chance.”  to what, ask you out??  “yeah, i never ask ladies out.”  good god, really.  why ever not.


wow, i say, how’s that working out for you?

“oh, great really.  actually, quite wonderful most of the time.”

amazing how someone can instantly pile up all the interest & good karma points into a flaming pile of poo.  that got deleted from the contact list with a quickness.  i am once again reminded of why i threw in the towel on this particular game for a few months.

i’m going to need something far more amusing to come along sometime soon.


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