Posted by: fireweaver | March 21, 2006


(edit: btw, this posted sunday 3/19, have since fixed a glitch on the calendar)

went tonight to see ‘v for vendetta‘, with mixed expectations: i mean, Alan Moore book, cool, but of course he took his name off this one too and holy crap was ‘league‘ heinously disappointing. trailers have been overall rather boring, but the buzz on this has been good, so…

it rocked. hands down, no reservations, it was a very good movie. Hugo Weaving manages to avoid the urge to overact physically to make up for trying to act through a mask, i.e., he makes all the theatricality look as natural to the character as it can. Natalie Portman is great in this, utterly believable, and her character very much goes through an actual arc in this one. side characters often have their own interesting stories, emotionally gripping ones, and i found m’self all choked up at several key points. the story is not all laid out from the get-go, you do have to pay attention and put things in place as we go along, which is to say, it’s a very intelligent bit of film, *especially* for the comic book/action genre.

very reccomended. post if you’ve seen it and feel like discussing…


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