Posted by: fireweaver | March 24, 2006

weekend update

so, it’s friday, and i haven’t so much blogged all week. but there are several odd developments going on of late. to wit:

if you’ll remember a while back, when i went to go see the russian vampire movie, i chatted with a nice lady about an upcoming sci-fi convention. since then, i’ve ended up emailing her back & forth a few times, and now i’m going to be one of the speakers at balticon. talk is entitled “the bionic rodent:  creation & care of genetically engineered mice” and is currently scheduled for 2pm on may 29th.  all you peeps in town come watch me rock the fellow nerds.  this definately ranks **very** high on the random scale.  to add to the randomness, our buddy Cranfield at the zoo is also speaking, tho what mountain gorillas in rwanda have to do with science i’m not so clear on…

the next tidbit is also rather random, but nowhere near as hilarious.  theoretically, i have a date tomorrow with one of the online beaux, but plans are still completely unsolid.  someone let me know what it means when a guy asks you out 2 weekends ahead of time (apparently, he was out of town last weekend, so date was for this one upcoming), tells you 4 days ahead of time “i’m so excited about saturday,” then…(sound of crickets chirping)…nothing.  huh.


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