Posted by: fireweaver | March 25, 2006

moving on

i realized today that i never posted anything about the party last saturday. it was a bit chilly outside still, so the 20-someodd peeps that showed had pretty well filled my downstairs entirely. i have some coworkers that are very bad drunks, some friends who are very good drunks, some people who are snarky no matter how drunk, and of course some lightweight non-drunks (you know who you are, Vivian).

you’d think with the house full of good times, that’d be that. i kept thinking of all the people who were missing. Chris & Bruce have *got* to get together (which they will when Chris comes up here late april)…it’ll be gas & matches, but i can’t tell in a good or a bad way. there were 2 separate conversations that i really wished Natalie could be there to chirp in. Suz would have loved a place where all the science woes could be adequately co-miserated with a bevy of long-suffering scientists. with the spectrum running from military to hippie, the politcal frays were certainly deep enough that Michelle, Matt, and Dan could have all jumped in at any time.

and that’s just for starters. i’m skipping out on thoughts of loads of family, vet school crew, forum pals, old band buddies from way back, etc etc etc.

i’m sure what it comes down to is an impending move. the residency is up this summer, and i’m telling prospective employers that i’m good to go by 1 august. i absolutely hate moving. i hate getting my stuff damaged, i hate finding the walmart and the good grocery store and the liquor store with the decent wine selection and all the basics in a new town, and i hate leaving the people that actually matter in life. you know, the family you got to pick out yourself.

it’s way not time to freak out about that. i’m freaking out far more than my usual over the board exam looming steadily nearer, so my brain is quite full of that, and the sheer potential in my career right now is exhilirating, only a little scary.

but i miss you guys a lot. i’m interviewing in the boston area next week. cross your fingers and hope that there are good people up there too.


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