Posted by: fireweaver | March 29, 2006

attainability of perfection

my office-roomie Lynn is in the same boat i am: studying like hell and busting out into the "real world" post-postdoc. she went on her storm of interviews and kept coming back the next day questioning if she even wanted to be a lab animal vet or not. plenty of things that one could settle for, but nothing that just lit her on fire. until she came back from one in particular a couple of weeks ago, all giddy. she landed that one late last week.

i'm currently in the midst of my own interview storm. just came back a couple of hours ago, and i'm feeling, well, a bit Lynn-ish. this place is either an EXTREMELY bad idea, or a fantastic opportunity in disguise. currently, it's a pack of crappy old buildings and a program in need of a lot of change. essentially, it's being rebuilt from the foundation, both as far as people go (hiring *several* vets into the place, changing a lot about the program in general) and as far as the physical place goes (one single ginormous shiny new building opening in about a year).  in its current incarnation, the gig is not one any sane person would want to just jump on into.  the guy who runs the place, tho, he's new, he obviously passionately cares about what he's doing, he has big ideas and the backing-up muscle from the corporate higher-ups that can actually get things done.  it's an opportunity to get in on the ground level and build everything about that program into my dream situation.  what it all comes down to is the debate as to whether or not taking *the opportunity for* a good job is enough.  

**will** i find something i'm as giddy about as Lynn was about hers?  or am i just not the sort of person who can get all excited about something without being right up in it for a while first?  in doing all my postdoc interviews just 3 little years ago, i distinctly remember disliking several places i'd been, but i also remember being very much enamored of Emory's program until i came across the ol Johnny-H, which i was all kinds of excited about.  still, i had very specific pros & cons on my list of things for the postdoc, all of which JH happened to meet quite well.  i don't really have a checklist for the current search, and so far, the vague (but hugely important) goal of finding "a place where i fit in well with the existing crew", i.e., a place you really don't hate hauling yourself out of bed to get to every am, is not really helping me weed out potential suitors. 

aak.  decisions, decisions, decisions.   


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