Posted by: fireweaver | April 6, 2006


everyone says that you should never talk money on the first interview.

for some reason, then, it keeps coming up.  *i* don't do it, i'm (belive this or not, but it's true) way too reserved to just drop that subject on the table myself.  it was utterly surreal when the guy from the boston job was coaching me on getting the most $ out of his h.r. department.  it was giddy-ing to have the lady at the d.c. job drop an offer on the table *poof* just like that, before i left her office.  so of course, at the philly job today, the lady asks me what kind of cash i'm looking at, and doesn't bat an eye when i tell her.

i'm all kinds of giddy when people say to me with a straight face, "what will it take to get you here.  let me know, and i'll write it in the offer."  it's so thrilling to not be last picked for ball, to be the cutest lil belle at the dance.  yay me!

now all i have to do is make tough decisions about moving, which always sucks.  oh yeah, and try like hell to pass the boards.  i was reminded that that comes up in about 2 months.  gotta get damn smart damn quick.  sigh.  back to the salt mine…


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