Posted by: fireweaver | April 10, 2006

downtime, finally.

i had 2 goals when i left work friday afternoon:  to leave my hair down all weekend, and to spend time relaxing with a cocktail or two.

i did pretty good.  other than the clippy to hold my hair back whilst washing face/brushing teeth, the tresses were unfettered.  not so good on the drunkenness, but i did manage to be nicely buzzed for an acceptable chunk of the time.

on all these interviews, i’ve had my hair yanked back in a french twist so often that i’m sure i’m getting stress fractures in my scalp.  see, with the waist-length hair and the lack of makeup (i only wear warpaint when i’m going to battle, and i just haven’t felt the need to do so for the interview storm.  i mean, i’m already faking them out with the suit, no need to add the paint, i guess), i tend to look about 17 as compared to all the big bad professional proffessorial types.  the up-do helps a lot. 

having only been in work 5 days total in the past 2 weeks means i have A LOT of crap to catch up on.  i was buried in here.  thank god nothing crazy going on today, so i could start to pick back up on the lil bits of my research project that have fallen by the wayside for the past several months.

so: friday: i found myself chilling on my front porch, enjoying the early spring breeze, with a glass of tequila rose in hand, waiting for Brian & Carey to come pick me up.  this *so* brought out my inner-undergrad.  los amigos was tasty as usual, and the 1.5 carafes of sangria split between myself, one other drinker, and a dd went down quite nicely.

saturday: the liquor store by Brian & Carey’s house had one of their legendary wine tastings, which they’ve sadly reduced to only about one per month.  this round was sauvignon blanc, then cab franc (apparently the parent grapes to cab), followed by a sampling of 5 cabs from around the world.  it was lovely, and the pours were generous.  as a special added bonus, the cheese guy at this place was doing a tasting for us afterwards, and i grabbed several things that are just divine (stories to come later).

sunday: met up with Vi and Beth & George to celebrate Vi’s taking the job +/- residency at Beth’s clinic.  lunch at saigon remembered followed by a looooong afternoon wine tasting at grand cru, which is hands-down the place i will miss most when i leave the b’more area.

the summary is that i managed to neither study nor stress nor do anything productive all damn weekend, and had a wonderful time.  i actually managed to make it out of bed in time to get to work on time, an extremely rare achievement of late.  i actually got things done at work today, too, so the magic of relaxing is still lingering at 5.30.  lets hope it lasts a while.



  1. There you are, I have been wondering and blogging away for you and alas, nothing. . .

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