Posted by: fireweaver | April 15, 2006

times are a’changin’…

so it's official, i'm either moving to philly or rockville.  my fave 2 places i interviewed have officially offered me jobs, and just to continue to make my life hard, it's a pair of matching offers. **hugely** different gigs: one's contract research mainly with primates, one's big academia with a little of everything.  i've been pondering the whole thing ever since i finished up my interviews, and don't think i'm much closer to figuring this out, so if anyone has an opinion, weigh in and tell me why.

got another letter from ACLAM today, giving me the instructions on when/how/where to take the board test.  9 weeks.  gotta get smart really f'ing fast.  and figure out the job thing.

as a special added bonus, had a really decent date with online beau #345 last night, in which i discovered him to be a rather nice guy who continues to crack me up in person as much as in text.  he's a bit too exuberantly physical, but in more of a 'zest for life' than 'creepy asshole' sort of way, and there's a cute lil puppy to boot.  i'm still amused at the fact that this one (the latest in an odd string of people to show up and profess to like "curvy" chicks lately, go fig) didn't say he was all into me and then promptly flake out the day before the meet-up. 

at least we (thanks, Bruce) have the get-together plans for everyone all figured out for tonight.



  1. Wow, I want to know more about the cute lil puppy as this story unfolds. Nosa posted a comment on a picture the other night. . .Something like”Now that the way I remember my Kris.” My?

    Anyways. . .Yeah for the fact that you have enough job options to have to make a choice. From what I know of you there probably won’t be a rut to get stuck in so I say go with your gut. You are incredibly intelligent and talented so I think the option that you don’t choose may still loom in your future if it becomes right for you at a later date. Besides, isn’t Philly a little inland for you?

  2. I’d have to agree with the “go with your gut” instinct on this one, too. If they’re both great offers in two great places, you’ve already won !! Congrats hon !!

    And, yay for dating !! Guys with a sense of humor are always good. 🙂

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