Posted by: fireweaver | April 26, 2006

tasty little things

got in *WAY* too late last night to even think about posting it then, so i'll just sneak in a short story whilst at work…

we had reservations last night at iron bridge, which, btw, is something you should definately try if ever in the b'more/dc metro area.  on tuesday nights, they have themed 4-course dinners with wine pairings, which are a bit pricey but very well worth it.  last night was spanish wine & tapas, almost all of which was phenomenal (the last entree, a paella, was only ok).  it was a big dinner this time, with 10 small dishes over 4 courses, and 9 wines over 5 (the "reception" was a lovely dry cava, so that was the one solo wine sans food).  we ended up eating a bunch of raw stuff, with an amazing ceviche (lime & vanilla.  who knew vanilla was good on ceviche?!) in the first course and a spicy steak tartare with the reds in the second round.  the flan for dessert was *perfect*.  yummmmm.  i ended up taking home 3 bottles from off of the tasting menu, and the utterly amazing thing was that the wines i liked best happened to be the least expensive.

so i have a date with the guy with the puppy tonight, and i figured i would touch base with him on the way home, make sure we were still on, etc etc.  the nutshell version of the story is that i ended up over at his house for a few hours having a glass of iced tea & making out like teenagers.  he has a soul patch, which amuses me to no end, but he has to be one of the very few people i've ever met who can sucessfully carry it off.  he gets this little-boy goofy grin and says "i'm crushing on you so hard."  i can relate. 


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