Posted by: fireweaver | May 1, 2006

boys in b’more

prolly going to be a slow week posting, as i'm entertaining of late. my bud Chris flew in friday night, and will be staying with me for a week, so we have a busy time planned for loafing on the couch watching movies, getting our drink on, and maybe visiting dc for a day or two. when Natalie was in town several months ago for a business trip, i was discussing the potential for me to move back to houston with a (then) open position in the medical center. at the time, i asked her if it would really be ok for me to have been away for 3 years and just walk back into the lives of all m'crew like they hadn't been going on without me for that time, and she said that of course they'd welcome me right back. Chris' reaction was a little more definitive, with the "are you completely on drugs that you'd even think to ask" look on his face saying everything.

saturday, we headed out to the grocery store, where i probably over-compensated for the veggie/food debacle of friday night (see below), purchasing a truckload of very random things like belgian endive and baby pineapple. whatever, i'm sure we'll eat it at some point. that night was a **fantastic** dinner at pazo, which is of course my fave restaurant in town (MAD thank-yous to Vivian who drove that others might partake).

sunday was a grand time out on Cranfield's sailboat, which while generally fun, was wild & crazy this time out. we ended up with 10 people on the boat, a good couple few more than usual, including Chris and he-of-the-puppy. a good wind was up, enough to keep us moving right smart the whole way along, but not to really cant us too far over to the side. a truly prodigous quantity of beer was consumed (like Chris said, "oh, hey, we're out? how far away is shore?"), and a grand time was had by all. i of course brought along the folder full of cd's so we weren't subjected to gordon f'ing lightfoot the whole way out (apparently, it's a canadian thing, and you'd have to ask Cranny wtf), and was rewarded with much bitching about the content thereof. but hey, how are you going to keep 10 very different people simultaneously happy with your collection of mix-cd's?

friday night before i went to pick Chris up at the airport, senor-perro (jezuz, i've got to stop self-editing here, it makes me insane. Dylan, if you're reading my f'ing blog and have an issue with something call me. there, i said it.) stopped by for a bit. after some chatting, i determined that i was ever so hungry and decided to do something about that. "ah," i said, "i know. chinese take-out." without getting up from perusal of my cd collection, he says, "i don't really eat that." by the time i get the (very limited) tale from him, the truth goes something like: chinese food, as a whole, right out. most "ethnic" cuisine similarly right out. "i'm just not adventurous with my food." when i give up and go to make pasta, we also discover a problem with vegetables as an entire concept, and "oh, hey, you're not going to put a bunch of onions and garlic in that are you." i feel like i've been hit by a bus. ah, my peeps, you know that cooking is my art. what's a girl to do with this complete lack of appreciation?!?!  ah well.  sunday was a good time, and he ran the gauntlet of friends rather well, without getting all defensive in the lions' den of intellectuals or overly clingy in the face of long-standing relationships.  we'll see, guys, we'll see.  



  1. Dating a non-foody when you’re a foody…. hmmmmm. You can cook for me anytime, Chelle ! 🙂 I so wish I’d know you were in B-more when G was on a project there ! I could have flow up for the weekend.

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