Posted by: fireweaver | May 10, 2006

whirlwind trip

i was at work monday, which was the only day i'll be at work for the surrounding 2 weeks.

all last week, of course, i was off gallavanting/loafing around with Chris. we had a total blast (or, at least i did. i hope i kept him amused most of the time), and i was pretty worn out by Sunday. amusements for the week included:

beers w/Bruce at Max's

a couple dinners at my house with various peeps over to partake in the socializing, including one night where we were all ever so drunk and Chris was using his own quirky brand of reason to explain my taste in music to the otherwise bewildered Dylan. 

infinite movie-watching on the couch

wednesday in d.c., involving fun trips on the metro (Chris is one of those few people who gets all giddy about the train like i do, prolly since the only time i've ever been on a metro was in disneyworld, so we had fun with that), cruising around the smithsonian's air & space (in the apollo section, they have the freeze-dried SPACE MONKEY!!!! so a pre-animal welfare act protocol, obviously) and american history (we spent a good while perusing julia child's kitchen. she rocks. and i got to find out she was a total "kinfe and gadget freak" so now i know it's not just me. i wanted to steal her butcher block table in such a bad way) museums.

dinner out with Brian & Cary, and an vet school classmate of mine who happens to work in rockville just now (cue the 'it's a small world' song)

and of course, lunch at belvedere square market before going back to the airport.

monday, there was work, and tuesday was the trip to frederick to study, and today, i'm hopping in the car to drive to north carolina to go to the cl davis lab animal course (a board prep thing) through the weekend.  

saw Dylan last night, and we had a nice talk (he, like so many many other people has to get used to my rather bitchy/forceful way of putting my opinions over…it's like i keep saying, i don't think i'm-right-you're-wrong, disagreements in tastes keep the conversation flowing, but you do have to be able to explain why you feel the way you do).  i had to use the ol' "i have to go now, because if i stay, you'll keep me up late, and then i'll die on the road tomorrow" excuse.

adios, amigos. 


  1. Hey – I’m going to be in NC this weekend, TOO!! How wierd!
    Don’t guess we’ll be near each other, though – I’ll be in Charlotte (arriving/departing) then Asheville the rest of the time. Leaving tonite….Time to play the “it’s a small world” song again! 🙂

  2. How dare you make people back up their arguements ?? The nerve! 😉

    Is this Kara from high school ? Cavewoman? If it is… HI KARA!!

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