Posted by: fireweaver | May 15, 2006

back on the chain gang

so i made it back late last night from the fun times at nc state's vet school, and everyone of couse asks if i had a good time.  well, that's a negatory, speed racer, i was busy cramming crap about pigs, nhp's in general and baboons in specific, and current literature review in my melon, so not exactly a cocktail party of joy.  i *did* get to hang out with my dc-area army peeps, so that was a super fun time, but you know what?  as of yesterday, i have exactly 5 weeks to get really f'ing smart and every time i think about that, i stop breathing for a second.  like my office roomie Lynn said today, "i swear to god it was just february yesterday."

so, the conference was ever so useful (especially as the nice lady presenting the pig review is on the exam committee), and was rather well worth my time.  drove home yesterday in a torrential monsoon, wherein i debated pulling over, but decided that driving in the dark in a monsoon would be worse, so just kept going.  eventually it cleared out, and i had a nice chat with my mom and another with Natalie, and had time to listen do Dylan's cd.

saw him tuesday night (see prior post about lingering goodbyes), during which he had handed me a cd of his original songs, and was thinking of him as i'm driving after my army buddies (aside note of hilarity:  according to their "temporary duty orders" they were driving to & from the conference in the d.o.d. vehicle, so if they rode in my car and i crashed, the army wouldn't pay for their medical bills, being as how they would technically be not following orders.  so i had the whole car to myself, and the 4 of them were piled together into the van) down the dc beltway, and lo, my phone rings.  i proceed to carry on a conversation with him for 3.5 hours, all the way into nc. 

this was a good conversation, we needed to have this conversation, all about his past life & loves, and the bad stuff you keep to yourself as well as the good things it's so easy to tell anyone.  got lots of stuff cleared up, got a better perspective on what's going on with him.  very good chat.

he called me every night of my conference (except saturday, when he was working), which i found to be ever so sweet.  and yeah, some of it was the flirty "if you were here i'd ___" and all, which was every bit as fun as it sounds, but a good chunk of it was lively opinion & debate.  i've been missing a good sparring match now & then, hehe.

when i got home last night, we chatted for about 30min before my bedtime, and the very next sentence after confirming that we were "hanging out on tuesday", he asked if we could make plans for saturday, too.  color me amused.

today is the first day i've been at work in a week, and considering that last monday was the only day in the surrounding 2 weeks i was in, there's a bunch of crap piled up.  now, i've been at work for a good 2.5hrs, and the most constructive thing i've acomplished is to slog through the piles of email.  Candace keeps sending me hilarious videos about midget boxing and the like, so it's taken me a while.  on top of the more mundane stuff i have to deal with (scheduling rounds at the monkey colony and training sessions with a half-handful of investigators, etc etc etc), i got this lovely email from my soon-to-be-boss.  she says what kind of computer would i like, and she'll have the i.t. guys order it for me, and what books do i want for the office, because she'll have those ordered in for me too.  i'm all warm & fuzzy.  maybe i should quit here earlier…

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