Posted by: fireweaver | May 23, 2006

“Everyone, even a critic, has a God-given right to his or her musical loathings.”

one of the major issues i’ve had in this fledgling relationship we’re working on here is, according to him, “finding a middle ground on our music preferences.” yes, people, it’s crazy as all get-out that **music** is an issue, but keep in mind, this is his work as well as his opinion. well, i know how to play several instruments, and i’ve been a performer myself, but far more importantly everyone has a valid opinion regarding art in any form (see above), so we do occasionally butt heads on this one.

well, i’ve figured it out now. he’s a “rockist” and i’m a “poptimist”:

go check that out, it’s one of the more interesting debates on art critique and appreciation i’ve come across in a long time.



  1. […] attached to the movie itself chooses to market a work of art (qualifier, remember that whole “poptimist” thing, i’m into interpreting it all as “art”, even when it’s very […]

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