Posted by: fireweaver | May 31, 2006

long weekend, and T-18

what with my study group meeting tuesday (last one.  dear god.), my 3-day memorial day weekend turned into 4 days of out-of-the-office.  which is to say, it's rather mid-day with me having acomplished nothing professional (other than advising Suzy on aalas certification via email).  so, the recap of the weekend, which would be shorter if i blogged more often, but hey, there you go:

friday:  headed off to happy hour at the bar with Dylan, Bruce, Vivian, and Cranfield, which was especially comical later in the evening after Bruce was delightfully drunked up (highlight:  him falling out of my car when i was dropping him off at his house).  the ending of the evening was a lengthy talk with Dyl vis'a'vis the heinous trainwreck that was our big date of a week prior, which ended up both good and bad.  on one hand, i managed to be very calm and rational during this discussion, meaning the lack of outright cathartic screaming was distinctly unsatisfying given the nature of the debate.  on the other hand, i did get to say everything i wanted to about the situation in general, and got to the basic root of the issue:  both of us are very much dominant personalities, and we're currently undergoing a power struggle issue.  as a chick, i just have more practice dealing with alpha-male types (and no, that's NOT the same thing as a guy who likes lots of sports, guns, big trucks, and hitting the ladies), but it doesn't make everything easy.  i can just safely say that i don't find his difference of opinion to be a threat, but the favor is not necessarily returned.  in the end, i told him he's going to have to decide how much of my independence is going to bother him.  when i woke up this morning, i could feel the exhilirating infatuation of 2 weeks ago rapidly dissipating, and now that he's playing this game from behind the 8-ball, i wonder if he'll be able to make me really give a damn again.

saturday:  went to Cranfield's talk at the balticon (the sci-fi convention that was going on this weekend), which was both exactly as expected and nowhere near as freaky as expected.  the dealer room was indeed full of f/sf dvds, books, and snarky t-shirts, and a vulcan did ask Cranny a rather clear and articulate question about his program, but the serious freak-watching was more intense by far at last year's fell's point halloween.  it was, however, extremely cool to be able to say "i'm a program participant, and i have a guest here with me, can we get her a badge?" and get Vivian into the con for free.  that afternoon, we went to check out the 3rd X-men movie, which was disappointing as compared to its predecessors.  pretty, but chock-full of ideas that went nowhere, and encumbered by a pair of storylines that had literally nothing to do with each other.  the end effect was that one story would have to push pause for 15 minutes while we went off to hang out with the other, all while lots of stuff blows up and lots of mutants do different tricks for no reason in particular.

sunday:  the very fine weather lured us away from further fandom perusal and off to the sailboat.  it was lovely and sunny with a tiny breeze, but not really enough wind to get us tearing along.  ah, well, a mediocre day sailing is rather often better than a decent day elsewhere, so may my life always be this difficult.

monday:  had to finally give in and turn on the a/c.  up until about 2 days prior, the springtime had been lingering most enjoyably, with overnight lows in the 40/50 range, but by the time i was sitting in my computer room at 9am monday, it was already 79 degrees, and i was breaking a sweat in m'skivvies.  i managed to finally finish writing my talk about 45 minutes before i was scheduled to give it, with the added fun scare of "cd-rom drive not detected, please ensure all cables attached" before the re-boot that then allowed me to burn the presentation and take it with me.  the talk ("The Bionic Rodent: creation & care of genetically engineered mice") went over just fine, and i even managed to slip in a couple of moments of random hilarity (i.e., "there are 2 different types of mutations possible:  hot mutants (pic of gambit) and ugly ones (pic of a monster from total recall)") which got laughs, so that worked out ok.  later that night, Dyl called to just say hi, and after explaining that i'd been giving a science talk at a con, he promptly launched into the description of his jam sessions with band/friends all weekend.  his interest in my life is readily apparent.  as i mentioned to Vi yesterday, the debate at this point (which, being far colder and more intellectual than the murder vs. lust debate of last week, is significantly less exhausting) is:  am i being hypercritical due to lingering annoyance, or am i finding valid fault?

tuesday:  during my study group, one of my army girls says, "well, being as how we're down to 19 days…"  i soundly cursed her, as up until then, my countdown had still been in weeks.  so there you go, guys, it's t-minus-18 and counting, and i still feel stoopid. 


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