Posted by: fireweaver | June 5, 2006

changing things around

so, after a rather tedious lunch on thursday, in which Dylan bitched about pretty much everything in his life (i.e., *his* car, the roommate *he asked* to move out, *his* job), i was busy going through a major man-hating moment friday (Becky: “Michelle, it’s *so* over.). but then, after a smidge of wine-induced-clarity courtesy of the excellent taste of our lab p.i., things were getting better. then Bruce came over for movie night bringing me a fabulous bottle of syrah. i mean, hell, with these 2 guys on the case, it brings perspective running right back: some guys just have no f’ing taste, the rest are your good friends.

attempts to study went ok this weekend (down to 13 days today). i think i have the guide pretty well wired. attempts to clean my house not so good, though the lawn did get mowed.

sunday, i changed over the whole bed, and put on this fantastic pewter silk duvet i bought many months ago and just hadn’t used yet. i slept better last night than i had in weeks, and didn’t feel the need to hit the snooze button half-a-hundred times before i could get out of bed. isn’t it funny how a very minor shift in your personal space can change your perspective on things?

i had a great meeting with the realtor last week, and saw a couple of places that i could deal with living in. not love just yet, but there’s potential well within my price range. we’re going on another round tomorrow afternoon, and i’m just giddy to contemplate what a major shift in my personal space will do for me.

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