Posted by: fireweaver | June 6, 2006

12 days & some productivity

so, instead of study group today (cuz that was over as of last week), i stayed at home and pounded out the animal welfare act. which, let me tell you, is way fun. v.v.v.v.redundant (that’s prolly a good thing, remembering the same numbers over and over…), yet shockingly clear on the *point* of it all. this could be an indicator of my continuing slide into insanity, that i find titles 7 and 9 of the code of federal regulations to have meaningful meaning. uh oh. let’s all just hope i can recall it the scant 12d from now, when it’s really important.

tonight for dinner, i was having a plain ol pasta sort of thing, but then mom called. i got to tell her all about the trip to the farmers’ market sunday, and how excited i was over the loads of fresh basil and the phenomenal lil spring onions i’d gotten, and how much i loved her. see, when we weren’t speaking for a few months, that was rather devastating, being as how i’m very close to her, so when we have mundane conversations now, i’m not back to just taking it for granted. as we were chatting along, with missing her so much (she still has never been up here to the big b’more to visit, damn it) combined with the A++ ingredients lying around the house, plain ol pasta dinner was rather fabulous and ever so comforting. smooches to mom, and here’s my basic red-sauce pasta thing:

take whatever veggies you have in the house, and slice em up. mushrooms and onions go into a heated pot w/olive oil first (thin sliced carrots can go in here too), and once they’ve cooked, add in garlic, bell peppers, spinach, whatever. stir things until there is a fine layer of frond/char on the bottom of the pan and the edges of the veggies. tump in a bit of a decent marinara sauce and some thin-sliced fresh basil, stir a bit, and a generous splash of your vino rosso for the evening. simmer for a good 5 minutes after the sauce & wine go in, then pour over your pasta. i think the trick is letting the frond build up just a bit in the pan, and that “grilled” flavor makes it taste a lot like something you slow-cooked all day. either that, or the good dose of wine just makes all the veggies so very very happy to be devoured. every time i throw this together for my dinner, i’m reminded of a time my bud Ken was cooking over at my house, wherein he whipped up some seriously decent marinara from about scratch by “wilting some spinach” leaves into plain tomato sauce & then adding some spices. at the time, of course, “wilted” anything didn’t so much sound appealing, but of course now, it’s just what you do.

btw: first heads up: likely there is to be a big ol blow-out at my house the saturday after boards (june 24), so if anyone is so inclined to stop on by, you *know* how i love house guests.


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