Posted by: fireweaver | June 13, 2006

plunging into adulthood

went out for round 3 or so with the realtor today. saw several more places that were pretty ok. even saw one that was museum-pristine that i somehow just didn’t give a crap about.

but, of course, it’s always the last place you look. i mean, of course it is, why would you keep looking if you found it, right?

this one isn’t the end of the townhouse block, and the pics online were merely ok. but what a difference seeing the place in-person makes. living room & all upstairs in blonde pergo, kitchen/dining, all bathrooms, and the basement in large dove-grey ceramic tile. nice gas stove & hood. maple kitchen cabinets stained my favorite shade of cherry/mahogany. all of which is brand damn new, stashed in a very upscale neighborhood, and has a great slate patio and fenced yard beyond. the only lame things about this place will be finding spots for boatloads of people to park in when i have the housewarming and subsequent dinner parties, and the fact that all the walls are (freshly painted) white. and seriously, if *that’s* what i have to bitch about for the place, may my life always be this tough.

when the shopping bonanza was all over with, we headed back to the realtor’s house (he’s family-of-a-friend) and signed craploads of paperwork over dinner. part of this involved a big “good faith money” deposit that goes towards closing costs, and i’ve just got to say that signing a check that big is definately in the top 10 scariest things i’ve ever done.

more enormous paperwork scares with the financier thursday (another family-of-a-friend, ha), and the inspection for the place coming up, and i may actually be in the new place in a month. woohoo!



  1. yes, G turned a very pretty shade of green when he turned over our sizeable downpayment on our condo. He said it was the scariest thing he’s ever done, too! He feels your pain.

    we want pictures !! it sounds GORGEOUS!

  2. Feels pretty damn cool to own your own place, huh? Even tho mine’s just a little condo, it’s still mine. I’m sure you will have WAAAAAY to much fun slathering the place with paint and otherwise making it Casa de Michelle. 🙂 Have fun!! I’m so excited for you!

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