Posted by: fireweaver | June 16, 2006


i’m sitting at the kitchen table last night, amassing more primate esoterica, enjoying the breeze blowing in through the open windows, when i start to catch the edges of a melancholy song in the distance.  over the next 5 minutes or so, the tune gets a bit louder, so that i can hear the whole of the repeating melody, instead of just the longer tones.  the song resolves into ‘fur elise’, a little sad and wistful, but only repeating the first few opening bars, so that it never gets to the second theme part where the tone brightens up a bit.  i go open the front door and stand behind the screen, watching leaves blow by and people walking their dogs in the twilight, struck by the surreal odd-art-house-movie feel of the progressively more off-kilter opening bars of this caliope version of a slow stately piano concerto as the ice cream truck drives by the house and doppler-effects on out of hearing.

when i got home today, one of my potted plants on the front doorstep was moved out of the way to make room for a cardboard box wrapped around a glass vase containing a lovely arrangement of purple statice and yellow asiatic lilies.  the little florist card nestled in the arrangement was addressed to, “wishing you the best of luck on sunday!” from my boss & colleagues at the new job.  i felt like i won the lottery when she was all excited with me when i accepted the job, and wow, that feeling hasn’t changed a bit.


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