Posted by: fireweaver | June 20, 2006

you can make it casey!

once upon a time, i was at my mom’s house watching tv with her. this commercial comes on, for iams dog food or some such, about a little girl and her irish setter. in the beginning, a little brunette kiddo is running through a field, urging her little setter puppy Casey to keep up with her as they start up the stairs. shot cuts back to the girl, now a high-school-aged teen, jogging on up the steps, then back to Casey, now a beautiful flowy-haired paragon of dog-hood. last shot shows the college-aged girl stop and turn around on the landing, “awww, good boy Casey,” as this ancient greying old setter makes it to the top. i think they were telling us their dog food makes your pet live longer or something. i bawled like a three year old.

i was at home most all of this past week, cramming like hell (the test was f’ing abysmal. very little of what we studied made an appearance, and instead of the lab animal boards, we were subjected to the anesthesiology/statistics boards), hanging out with the princess Sheba. i’ve been in denial about her for a long time…but as of june 6th, she’s been with me for a decade, and she wasn’t a lil pup when we met. her favorite nap place is the landing at the bottom of the stairs, and i frequently “sneak up on her” thumping all the way down the stairs, as in, she doesn’t notice me coming until i brush her back with a foot. chip bag openings, once a sound that would have her rocketing in from a mile away, now often go unnoticed during naptime. sometimes she stumbles going up the stairs. i’m thinking the cosequin isn’t doing enough for her joints, and it may be time to switch up to actual pain meds.

she still doesn’t *look* anywhere near 12-16, and she still eagerly runs in for those chips once the open bag is brought to her attention, bright-eyed, waggy-tailed and all. squirrels continue to draw her special ire, as do black kids running behind the yard (she’s always been a complete racist). she comes when you call her a whole lot less frequently than she used to. all i have to do now is figure out if that’s because she doesn’t feel like it out of stiffness or the privilege of seniority.



  1. I remember that add ! Tiger is 7 now and I just can’t believe it !! he’s shown no signs of slowing down, though. Hope ms sheba does well on her cosequin.

  2. […] hours. then along came this letter of thanks, that’s basically a prose version of the ‘casey, you can make it‘ aging irish setter dog food commercial. and yeah, by the end of a little cl post from some […]

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