Posted by: fireweaver | June 25, 2006

disaster area

study hell

Originally uploaded by fireweaver.

there’s a lot of pics that really should be attached to some entries… so i’ll just start here. this was the kitchen table up until yesterday, and as a matter of fact, was the whole house to boot. back in the day, you could always tell when big exams were going on, since the house was absolutely spotless. apparently, i now have less creative ways to procrastinate, because the last month of studying did NOT involve cleaning anything other than the dishes. so: on the table here, we have (l to r) the care package of homemade cookies mom sent me, my phone (with the “rock on!” monkeys cover) for emergency wtf’s to my study members, the lab animal med bible, “the list” of crap i was supposed to know, pathology of rabbits & rodents text, primate pathology notes, laptop with rat notes, flowers that my super new boss gave me, bills & other things i was blowing off for a few weeks, and maintenance fluids. not included in this pic are the unholy snowdrifts of dog fur that coated the whole house. the place is now super-twinkly, which seems a waste considering i’m in it for not much more than 2 weeks.


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