Posted by: fireweaver | June 29, 2006

coasting along

the past few days, i’ve just felt like lying back and allowing my life to sweep me right on along. lots of big stuff is changing, and it’s both exciting and intimidating, and for right now (after the endless hellish board-prep crisis saga), i’m just feeling rather passive. i just want things to happen, and i wake up, and they’re done. obviously, this doesn’t work so much in the practical real world: i’m way procrastinating on starting to pack that house (hopefully i’ll be more motivated by this weekend), and nothing is getting done at work at all.

my new office roommate (Lynn is gone off to her new gig in Boston, so i have a different chick for 2 weeks. sigh) actually asked me the other day, “why did you stay after your boards?” i know when i picked a bail date, there were actual reasons…making sure i had enough time to close on a house, not screwing up anyone’s 4th of july holiday scheduling, not cutting out so early as to be unprofessional after i was reminded that my 3 year anniversary wasn’t until sept 1st…but right now they all seem ever so pointless. here’s what i’ve acomplished during business hours this week:

1. rounds at the farm (yes, this is actually work related. nothing was going on at the farm. just kinda showed up, said “hey, are all these monkeys doing alright?” got a “yes” and went home for lunch).

2. working on homeowner’s insurance. i’ve been emailing about 10 people to get competing quotes. hopefully, that’s all ironed out by today, since it has to be done 5 business days before closing, which is the 7th. which brings us to:

3. painting my house. oh, dear lord, what did we do before the internet??? i’ve been living on behr’s website, where you can open up the ‘color smart’ window and pick colors to paint the blank walls/ceilings of various photographs of various rooms. i swear this is my new favorite game on the internet. go head on over there and enter in the names of my colors to critique to your little heart’s content. a few of the rooms are *so* set: kitchen is ‘gobi desert’, basement (library/guest bedroom, it’s nicely finished & tiled in pale dove grey) is ‘cathedral’, bedroom is ‘lilac bisque’. thusfar the living room is ‘mystic light’ and the master bathroom is ‘raspberry pudding’, but these may subtly shift. still can’t fig out what to do with the two smaller bedrooms, which will be an office and a craft/sewing room/guest bedroom, so do offer suggestions.

4. actually took care of some sick mice, and offered advice to someone about their breeding colony yesterday whilst on call, so i didn’t feel so blah about being at work then.

obviously, you can tell what’s really important lately (paint). anyone feeling like coming on over for the fun, the paint party is july 8th & 9th. nature abhorrs white walls.



  1. Be careful on Behr’s website. G and I did that with some of our rooms. Thank god we ordered the test samples with small pots of paint. The colors looked NOTHING like they did online !! For example: my living room is “witch hazel” which on the BEHR website looks grey. But, in reality it’s almost army green.

    One of the reds I really liked on the website.. on my walls.. was FUSHIA !! Eww!!

    Beware, Chelle. Beware!

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