Posted by: fireweaver | July 5, 2006

picking up the pace

i had this master plan to start packing this past weekend. this didn’t so much happen. i was still very much stuck in that passive doldrums thingy, resulting in lots of finishing of novels & watching of movies, but not much of anything constructive (other than a trip to home depot to get some actual paint chips instead of just e-paint).

yesterday early, we had the walk-through for the house. finally met the guy i’m buying from, and he is so nice. way over-the-top on doing things. as in, we sent him the list of stuff i wanted fixed, attached to the entire inspection report so he’d know we were just asking for the most critical things. well, he’s fixing all of it. wow.

i brought along a tester-size of my proposed kitchen color, and i still liked it a lot when i dabbed a bit on the wall, so “gobi desert” is a go. meanwhile, according to the behr website, there was a $6 off per gallon rebate ending yesterday, so i had to buy all the paint right then. car was full of 12 gallons, which i couldn’t put in the trunk, because the trunk was full of my office.

see, i packed up the office monday, loaded it up into the car tuesday (post-walk-through), and hauled it down to rockville today. for those of you keeping score, that’s twice i’ve had to drive all the damn way across this tiny state this week. i did all the h.r. paperwork this afternoon for the new job, putting the new address on boatloads of forms, and dropped off the boxes of my office stuff in the new spot.

this afternoon, i called and had all the utilities turned on in my name for the new place. i’ll be calling tomorrow to turn them off here. i just packed all the “office” size boxes i had with books. i close in 2 days (3rd trip this week). paint party is going on saturday & sunday (4th & 5th trips, i’m putting about 140 miles on my car each round. geez. thank god for satellite radio), so anyone wanting a fun-filled trip to glamorous gaithersburg, head on over. things are actually happening.


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