Posted by: fireweaver | July 7, 2006

my soul belongs to first home mortgage

or whoever they sell my loan off to. papers all signed, deal all done. it’s nuts. my realtor still mocks my signature (he says it looks like an A+ rather than a name at all. i told him to leave my carpel tunnel alone), but it stayed consistent through about 500 documents. the keys work in the front door. the 2 neighbors that were out & about were very nice.

i got a phone call from mom this evening. she says: so, how’s it feel to be a half a million dollars in debt? to which i reply, oh, nah, it’s only….oh. shit. wow. when you say it like that, it sounds so very very much like i’m on drugs. there really must be something in the baltimore water supply, or else the 3 years of working in the hood have most certainly taken their toll on my mental health.

stopped by walmart tonight to get some temporary supplies: toilet paper, hand soap, snacks, water. the crew (hopefully) shows up to paint tomorrow, so we can get rid of all these flat white walls. then more packing.

i got the whole library done last night, and in the process thereof, i of course had to peruse some of the photo albums & things i was boxing up. i came across some old love letters from back in the day, and was reminded of just how great things can be when they actually work out, and the disbelief in Chris’ voice suddenly struck me from when he asked me several several weeks ago if i was really going to settle for looser dj. ah. that’s what he meant.

my last day at work today was not the wrenching farewell i expected, considering how much i hate goodbyes, and how much i love these guys. it was more like leaving for summer camp than leaving for good. maybe it’s because i’m not moving that far away, who knows.

next chapter starts tomorrow.


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