Posted by: fireweaver | July 10, 2006


we got the whole house painted this weekend. Bruce wins the super-trooper award for showing up both days, Tara wins the unexpected award for showing up even though i’ve known her for all of a couple of weeks, Lisa wins the captain practical award for getting in & getting crap done, and Vivian wins the messiest painter award for providing me the most opportunity to pick latex paint off the floor. my ankles & hips are killing me, which i presume is a by-product of standing on my rickety old stepladder to reach the tops of the walls. as advised by Christine & Rick: the paint game, whilst the funnest thing of the past 2 weeks, not so applicable to real life. i ended up keeping only 2 colors i picked off of the website, and going with something of a similar intensity but different shade on most of the rest. i guess still nothing beats good ol paint chips. on the plus side, i LOVE just over half of my colors, and i’m rather pleased with the rest, so things are all ok.

today, i’m packing like the wind. funny how you always put off most what you least want to do, right? notice i’m spending 5 minutes typing instead of packing… got the truck reserved, and a halfhandful of bikers coming tomorrow to load it up. better go get on that.



  1. I could have told you about the paint game, but I wanted you to learn on your own *hee* I still have the pictures of the egg puke all over the living room. AKA arizona gold. Rye is much nicer and neither look like the web color *or* the paint chip color.

    Congrats on a painted house.

  2. Yay for having it all done ! It’s just the best feeling to have your house feel like your house.

    Congrats ! Post pics of your colors if you can.. I’d LOVE to see them.

  3. Wow – got the whole house done. That’s the way to go, though. I only managed to paint my living room before moving in. But at least that helped. Congrats, and good luck with the oh-so-fun actual moving part! Definately show us some pics sometime…

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