Posted by: fireweaver | July 15, 2006


the comcast guy came by today (twice. seems they are having a “stage 2 outage” rendering my internet spotty this am when he came to hook it up, and rather than tell either of us this simple explanation, they deemed it a “signal problem” that he had to come back and fix. sigh), so i have internet access again. woohoo!!

first off of all the house moving stories, i HAVE to give a huge thank you to Vivian. she came over monday night after a full day at work and packed my entire f’ing kitchen. i mean, damn, you know who your friends are, right? wow. she better not put up any sass about me taking her to the chinese-est restaurant of her choice this evening.

i *highly* reccomend big burly biker boy moving services. your neighbors might raise an eyebrow over all the tats, but all the antiques are just hunky dory.

since i didn’t pack it, and since it’s the most function-necessary room in the house, the kitchen got undone first. wow, my cabinets are so big and pretty. gotta go to ikea today and buy a pantry, tho, being as how food in the cabinets is odd to me. i’m sure the kitchen will look ever so much more “done” with the food boxes off the floor, and the aquatic pets in their temporary tupperware homes off the countertops.
some good and bad things about my new place: none of the fixtures in the hall bathroom remotely match. i have water pressure, even whilst simultaneously flushing toilet & running shower. mailbox is a teeny thing halfway down the block, but it has a shiny new lock. aaah, modern sized closets. i am such the independent goddess: there is a huge sense of acomplishment in knowing that the coiled batches of (functional!!) wires cris-crossing the back of the entertainment center are your doing (without a manual, ha!). also, the hot and cold water hoses were switched on the washing machine (did the previous people fail to notice that “cold” setting was in fact producing steam?!), and i both diagnosed and corrected the prollem all by my lil self. the washer & dryer are scary-fast. my neighbors are all friendly chatty people. spray-painting switchplates looks super, but scratches easily. i only have one more full day to get stuff done before “vacation” is over.

pics will follow, as soon as i find the box that the camera ended up in…


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