Posted by: fireweaver | July 27, 2006

getting comfy

i keep meaning to post in the evenings after work, but then get so tangled up in either a book, a movie, unpacking, contemplating stuff location, or putting together shelves that i just don’t. so, i’m not dead, just busy.

the house is about 75% functional, but not yet pretty. if i can get the craft room and my new computer (thanks mom!) unpacked, that goes up to 95%. i think today might just be “hang stuff on the walls day” so it’ll look like an actual person’s residence, instead of a box-strewn model home.

more things i’ve learned about me/life/the house: it’s not really your place until you start drilling holes into the ceiling. i’m pretty handy with a hammer & drill. ikea stuff is otherwise so easy to put together that when it’s a bit tricky, it’s about 4x as frustrating as it should be. feng shui: reality or crap, you decide, but i can tell you that for all of my artful furniture arranging, that bedroom didn’t feel *right* until i had the pothos hanging from the ceiling.

overall, things are going quite well. i’m sleeping in my new bed (every bit as nice as the pics on ebay), i can loaf on the couch and watch a movie, the kitchen is in order. work is still slow, but things are already picking up just a little bit as people get to know me and i start to take over my things from the vets that have been doing them. thusfar, the place really is populated by people that continue to be as nice as they were during the interview.

imagine my shock, then, when i’m chilling on the couch with the day’s mail and a nice glass of shiraz last night, and turn around to see a cop-car convention at the corner of my street. only one or two had their lights on, but the way up the street was blocked off by them, and there was one parked up on the lawn in the corner as if to block speedy running away. they don’t send 12+ cruisers for a routine domestic abuse call. as i go outside to discuss the situation with the neighbors, one guy gets out of the car carrying a fucking assault rifle and jogging crouched down up the street to the “situation”. this, combined with the orders to get back in the house, made me feel the need to not observe so closely. as time goes by and nothing goes on, i later see my next door neighbor chatting with some guy i haven’t met, so i have to go re-assess the drama. the new guy (very nice) lives 2 units up the street, and both he and my neighbor reassure me that they’ve never seen this in our community. then the SWAT team (i swear to got i’m not making this up) marches through the front lawn 2 houses down from me, and the cops start running dogs up the street. i’m way too in debt to die in the crossfire, so screw this. i went back inside and read my book & ate dinner in the kitchen, well away from the windows. before i went to bed, i saw them put ONE guy in cuffs in the back of the cruiser, and circus over. i still have no idea what that was all about.

cross your fingers for no repeats of that show.



  1. Glad you’re okay !! Good call going back inside to food and wine 😉

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