Posted by: fireweaver | July 31, 2006

“it’s not mine.”

mocking hollywood is just too damn easy in the digital age.  to wit, go check out Slate’s commentary on mel gibson hilariously trashing himself whilst trashed:

basically, he gets pulled over for drunk driving, calls one cop “sugar tits”, tosses some anti-semitic-ness at the other, and caps it all by just being plain retarded.

the cop found a bottle of tequila in the car.  genius mel **asks** “was it in a paper bag?” to which the cop replies yes.  mel says, “it’s not mine.”



  1. Mel Gibson Arrested…

    riday, Mel Gibson was arrested for drunk driving. Allegedly, he went off at the officers trying to hold him, claiming that Jews are the reason there are all these wars in the world. He also made other anti-Semitic remarks….

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