Posted by: fireweaver | August 8, 2006

upward trends

apparently, i pretty much got over whatever that funk was last week.

it’s 1am and i’m still a minimum of 30min away from my comfy bed, if i can peel myself off of this computer, so obviously, not doing any better on that practical bedtime thing. though my eyes are tired, my fingers are still willing to click on…
more stuff is getting done in the house. i unpacked the computer mom got me…only to discover that new computers ONLY have usb ports in back. and my much-beloved bazillion-button mouse is ps/2. the hunt for adapters turns up either a)dual keyboard/mouse adapters that cost more than half what a new mouse would or b)passive adapters that reviewers say specifically don’t work with dell systems. sigh. fortunately, i had a pair of amazon reward certs stashed, so *poof* free new “laser” (cue dr.evil) mouse & new Steven Brust book (finally!!!! Vlad goes back to adrilankha!!). brackets are hung for the new kitchen shelves, all the curtains are hemmed & hanging on windows.

i broke down late last week and just asked one of my fellow vets: i know we do most of the animal work in the am (which is good and sensical), but what are you up to all afternoon? the truth came out: apparently, the real world is just like academia, with vacation seasons and the time of much grant-awarding and everything making predictable busy seasons and slow seasons. so we’re in a slow bit (just like academia, people take off to go on vacation with kids. who knew?), but he says it’s going to pick up like crazy very very soon. meanwhile, after that talk (i feel much better), since then, work is just snapping along. plenty of stuff going on friday, then i got roped into all manner of unforseen activities today with a repeat for thursday, and a full day scheduled tomorrow. thank the fsm. gotta earn that paycheck (which shows up friday, so i can pay the mortgage in 2 weeks).

i went in to b’more yesterday, and had a bowlful of fun with the peeps. Vi, Beth, George, Bruce & i all hit up the farmers market in the am, and i of course managed to buy 3x more than i’d planned. afterwards, Vi & i saw ‘pirates of the carribean 2’ and noticed that the belair theater had gone *way* up in admission (MATINEE was $7). the movie was fun but silly, and i noticed i was cracking a grin at i’m sure was intened to be the serious bits. not as good as the first, but hey, what ever is? afterwards, the two of us headed up to havre de grace for a leisurely dinner on the deck with B&G…good god i swear he has the best steak marinade ever. with a full belly and a couple of glasses of very nice pinot, staying awake on the long drive home was a challenge.

so, things are trucking along on that sine curve of life. here’s to hoping we all get to ride the crest upwards for a good while.


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