Posted by: fireweaver | August 9, 2006


i get the feeling that the family has figured out that my likelihood of getting married & all with the hubub is rather low, so they’ve just bestowed the stash on me now.

mom got me a new computer, which is now up & running. oooooh, flat-panel screen!

dad got me a gift card to home depot, which bought a super pretty nickel-and-cherry new non-wobbling non-70s fan for the dining room. oooooh, remote control!

grandma gave me her sears card number. apparently, this is something she’s done for my cousins, that when they buy their first house, they get to spend a chunk buying a new appliance. all the appliances here came with the house, and most are rather new from the former owner, so that wasn’t really something i needed. but i’m not tossing free $ by the wayside, and i’d been looking for a new rug for the living room… in case this ever comes up for anyone else, great indoors accepts sears cards. i’ve ended up with a gorgeous new persian rug. oooooh, wool & silk!

the electrician was here today for round 2, fixing the last of the things that the former owner is taking care of. he discovered that not only was the fan installation in the back 2 bedrooms shoddy & illegal (very very not up to code), but as an added bit of amusement, the fans were hung using dinky towel bars (yes, those things that go in the bathroom) as the supports across the ceiling joists. good god. oooooh, fans won’t fall on my head now!

while he was busy working, since i had to be home for this, i got all productive myself. shelves went up in the kitchen, and the last 3 boxes in there were unpacked, including the long-lost one containing my favorite wine glasses and the blender. ooooh, other than the untouched library, house is 100% functional!

plants, objets, library. that’s it. yay!


  1. Just for your entertainment. 1) I should be finishing my bathroom this week and must show you the fun paint. and 2) Not ONE SINGLE FIXTURE in my house was grounded. Since I hate the $5 wallmart specials they put up everywhere and replaced the fans, we caught it. The front porch light? I went to change the bulb one day and socket crumbled. Yes, that too was UNGROUNDED. I swear I can’t figure out why my house hasn’t burnt down yet.

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