Posted by: fireweaver | August 16, 2006

fear the needle

when you work with primates, ya gotta keep your vaccines up to date. 

we do some hepatitis work, and since hep is already a risk of working with monkeys, it’s a no-brainer that everyone here needs to get immunized for at least hep a & b.  measles, on the other hand, not so much a risk of us getting it from them, and in fact, not much of a risk for an adult human in the first place, but if i bring that virus in here (haning out with someone’s snotty little kid or whatever), it can be quite lethal to monkeys.

my titers for hep b and measles were rather low when they checked during my employment physical, so i had a dr visit yesterday afternoon to get booster shots.  the hep wasn’t too bad, except that it was a pretty big volume, so it ached for about an hour afterwards.  the mmr, though, officially sucks.  the nice nurse told me, “ok, this one stings a little, so we’ll do that one last and put it in your non-dominant arm.”  i remember hating shots when i was little (but hey, who doesn’t??), and now i know why.  she popped that one, and an “oow, fuck!” escaped.  so, guys, that’s why kiddos scream at dr offices, and it’s pretty justified.



  1. Dude, I lost my MMR vaccination records, and instead of testing my titers or something SANE like that, “they” decided just to give me the shot. I feel your pain.

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