Posted by: fireweaver | August 16, 2006

state of the union

go check out this article in the new york times, just for the amusement of the graph that accompanies (you have to register to read stuff on the nyt, but it’s free & they have good stuff).  basically, the US gets to come off as the religious old man that refused to believe that the world was round, being as how god made it flat and all.  from the science article that this story references, “The acceptance of evolution is lower in the United States than in Japan or Europe, largely because of widespread fundamentalism and the politicization of science in the United States.”

yay.  being more backward-thinking than the little smashed up bits of the former ussr makes sense, being as how communists are non-religious.  but below the uber-christian parts of the world?  yay.



  1. You know, I was discussing this backasswardsness with a new prof here. She’s originally from germany. She can’t believe that the bastion of “separation of church and state” is so fucking messed up. Apparently where she lived (all over europe), it was completely sane to keep your science/state/and religions happy and separate. Here? We give it nothing but lipservice.

    And then she comes to Texas. Poor thing. And she doesnt’ have or want kids – I had to warn her about the shit she’s going to get about that down here in FundieLand.

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