Posted by: fireweaver | August 21, 2006

holy dog $*&+

i got a phone message today from the former owner of my house, about a pair of windows that were supposed to be replaced. he said that they’d arrived (windows had been measured weeks ago), and if i’d call him back and let him know what time was good, he’d have the people come over to install them asap.

thank the fsm (or whoever) that i’d listened to that message before i walked in the door.

i opened up the front door this afternoon, and the house…smelled…odd. kinda like cleaning spray. i called the dog, and she wouldn’t come to go outside. i walked up the stairs to go see what was up with her, and notice several brown smears on the carpet. she was chilling out in her kennel, and soon as she saw me, trotted right on down. as we’re strolling to the kitchen to let her out, there’s several more smears on the tile & wood floors. i swear to god i thought someone broke into the house until i realized that everything in my kitchen windowsill had been moved to the counter, and that the kitchen window was new. apparently, the window people just headed on over today, jumped the back fence (it’s padlocked), broke into the house (either i left the back door unlocked, or they came in through the kitchen window), changed the two windows out that needed it, and tracked dog crap through the downstairs & up the stairs. woohoo. now my house really smells like cleaning spray, and thankfully, everything came off the carpet with no problems. when i called him to tell him all was done, the former owner was **hugely** apologetic, said they told him they could do it all from outside, and offered to pay me to “compensate for the trouble”, which i declined (no reason to get in a huff, and certainly not while he still has electrician bills to pay). windows look great, though.


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