Posted by: fireweaver | August 22, 2006


i just really like little tiny things.

i have micro-sized (like, 5 and 10ml) erlenmeyer flasks that a former boss who knew of this odd preoccupation gave me, there’s a host of demitasse stemware that i only very rarely use in the liquor cabinet, i’m just giddy over my new fish (more on that later), and in fact, baby animals in general are just the best at triggering my inner 3 year old. this feeling of intense amusement does not, of course, extend to human children, as i was explaining to a co-worker today. see, they don’t look “just like people only smaller”, the way that baby tortoises, baby puppies, baby corydoras catfish do. definitely a completely separate species. subspecies at best.

baby ferrets, though, are just super. i was doing check-in exams for a recently arrived batch, which necessitated some quality play time afterwards. fine, i’m a total sap. but trust me, 500 itty-bitty grams worth of baby weasel is just cuter than any button you could imagine.



  1. 1) I have two new baby ferrets. No really, I do (I just haven’t “announced” it yet)

    2) Salsa was only 600g full grown. No wonder she was the cutest weasel evah!

  2. YAY NEW BABIES !!! I can’t believe I heard before the announcement ! I feel so special. Hope we get pics, Suz !

  3. Just for reference, the dearly departed Salsa Boo Boo weazel was a permanent 650g’s rendering her “Nermal the ferret” perpetually tiny and cute.

  4. wow, that is itty-bitty! the others in this batch, who are a mere 3 months old are already just on one side or the other of a kg.

  5. […] so, like i was saying earlier, itty-bitty things just amuse me to no end.  i got all giddy when the giant (that’s the local grocery) ad came out a couple of days ago with champagne grapes right there on pg 2, on sale for $3/lb.  no, they aren’t the kind used to make champagne, just apparently so named because they “look elegant draped over the rim of a glass of champagne.”  if you’ve never had any, go look for them at your store, because the growing season is very short, but they’re very very good.  super teeny dark red/purple grapes that are *extremely* sweet. […]

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