Posted by: fireweaver | August 28, 2006

social butterfly

i hope everyone had as good a weekend as i did.  usually, i need more time to just chill out and not do anything, but when a bunch of people schedule their “events” all back-to-back, well, what else are you going to do?

saturday, one of the army guys was having an early-afternoon bbq, so i headed on over there to catch up with some of my study group peeps i haven’t seen since we took that test.  apparently, Sandy’s wife works **right** next to my work, so we’re going to head out to lunch sometime soon.

after swinging by home to let Sheba out for a bit, i drove into b’more for Brian & Cary’s housewarming party.  the house looks great, they’ve painted interesting-but-tasteful colors all over, and put the furniture where it’ll go.  Brian was making fajitas, and i haven’t the slightest what they used for marinade in the chicken (tho it involved cilantro), but it was amazing.  Bruce was making the same deadly mojitos that made an appearance at my last bbq when he wasn’t making rasperry daquiris appear in the blender.  Vivian was busily chugging coke so she could be awake for the drive at midnight to pick her bf up from the airport. there were 2 parties going on simultaneously: out on the deck was everyone from Cary’s clinic, and all “the TX people” in the living room, but everyone had a fun time.

sunday was a gorgeous day for sailing.  it was one of those sneaky days where it’s cool, overcast, and breezy, but you would still get burnt to hell if you forgot the sunscreen.   we all forgot to bring cd’s for the trip, but the wind was high enough (read: the boat was generally at a rather steep angle over) that the speakers would have had to be put below anyway.  after the flurry of initial activity of catching up, eating lunch, and running up the sails, a lot of the afternoon was just spent with everyone quietly enjoying the wind and the waves.  pretty much as relaxing as it can get.


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