Posted by: fireweaver | August 29, 2006

he used to be so hot…

once upon a time, during my undergrad, there was a call-in sex advice show on mtv, hosted by dr.drew and some gilbert gottfried knock-off. Allison and i used to just drool over dr.drew, his silver haired dignity, his suaveness in the face of his moronic coworker, his smooth answers for the mild sort of kinky crapola that’d be discussed on mtv. well, i was flipping through the tv tonight after an episode of “dirty jobs” – supposedly about being a monkey caretaker, but really about being savaged by vervets and hanging out with a certifiably insane old bat – and lo, dr.drew has his own show on discovery health. but apparently time or the political climate have not been kind to our friend, who was busily exolling the deadly dangers of huffing. wow. is that not so very 1995? do “the kids” still do that?? i finally got disgusted and turned off the tube when we had the pre-commercial segment wherein he says, “look just how far i’ll go to protect my family!!” while rifling through the drawers and closets of his kids, looking for drugs. nary a sex bit or even a sexy smirk to be seen. really, more “dr” phil than our ol pal drew.


  1. Dr Drew was magically delicious back in the day….

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