Posted by: fireweaver | September 1, 2006

sweetness & revelations

so, like i was saying earlier, itty-bitty things just amuse me to no end.  i got all giddy when the giant (that’s the local grocery) ad came out a couple of days ago with champagne grapes right there on pg 2, on sale for $3/lb.  no, they aren’t the kind used to make champagne, just apparently so named because they “look elegant draped over the rim of a glass of champagne.”  if you’ve never had any, go look for them at your store, because the growing season is very short, but they’re very very good.  super teeny dark red/purple grapes that are *extremely* sweet.

meanwhile, at work today, i had to go do the pre-shipping vet check for a few boxes of mice.  i’m signing the paperwork (“i hereby certify these animals,” etc) and write my name, DVM, DACLAM.  for a second, i’m just looking at that line, feeling like a complete faker.  it took me a year to stop doing tiny giggles every time someone paged for “Dr” me on the intercom system, but that was at least funny.  oh, i believed it, i had a diploma & license to match, and that big graduation schtick provides “closure”, but there were times i just didn’t feel all dignified  those last 6 letters, though, they’re still new and raw, with confirmation provided only by a single ephemeral sheet of resume paper.  a letter sent from ACLAM last week terrified the hell out of me when i saw the logo:  i was *sure* they were sending me a “sorry, but we were mistaken when we sent you that other letter”…and of course it turned out to just be organizational stuff.  but you know what?  this week, i had a tech challenge my boundaries, and i think i successfully handled that, i had a surgery go very well, i found & fixed a couple of issues in the facility, and i came up with a rational plan to improve one of our routine procedures.  as i’m sitting there with these shipping documents, it occurs to me, yes, i’m qualified to sign off on mouse health papers, yes i earned my titles.  no, i don’t know everything there is to know about this field, there’s still tons more for me to learn, but i am in fact competent.  i’m so not a fraud.


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