Posted by: fireweaver | September 5, 2006

ode to lazy

i hope everyone had as excellently lazy a long weekend as mine turned out to be.  i managed to get the **last** of the stuff up on the walls friday (the lil framed dried flowers that went in the stairwell, the glass “witch balls” and crystal drops near windows), so i felt as though i accomplished something constructive, but the rest of the weekend was dedicated to loafing and socializing.  saturday was a friend’s housewarming, so off to b’more, and i got to see  some crew from the johnny-h that i really didn’t expect to, pleasant surprises all.  then tonight, 3 buds came down for dinner.  safeway was having a crazy sale just right for dinner parties:  baby field greens salad, “colossal” scallops (and yes, they were in fact f’ing huge, none of them fell through the grill at all), and ny strip steaks less than half of the usual price, and just for fun, luscious dark purple gladiolas for a totally nutty 2 bucks.  it was the first time really entertaining in my new house, and we had a grand ol time eating dinner in courses, with wine to match each.  any 3 bottle day is a grand day.  now, if only i felt at all like sleeping, so i could get back to work tomorrow…


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