Posted by: fireweaver | September 6, 2006


most of the time, i’m rather contented with my life situation: good job, good friends, roof, health, at least 8.5 of the whole 9 yards. lately, though, i’m on a lonely kick. maybe it’s that moving a little further away from said friends, making spontaneous mid-week drop-bys kind of not likely, has taken out my underlying social support, highlighting that single thing unpleasantly. maybe it’s just hormonal, and i’ll be over it in a week.

in the past, when this has come up, i’ll go amuse myself in yahoo’s chat rooms, which provides both interaction and sometimes a reminder that most people just aren’t really worth it. sometimes, good connections, though. haven’t installed any im programs yet on the new computer, but as i’m pondering life yesterday, it occurred to me that a guy i had been talking to (but never met, due to distance) about a year ago lives in this area. he was still linked off of my yahoo page, and i nipped on over to his blog to drop him a “hey, i’m in the area, what’s up” thing…only to read the entry dated that day of ‘i’m so giddy about my new girlfriend.’ i take this as an omen that it’s time to leave the computer and go cook dinner.

movie time last night rolled around as dinner was being completed, and the one that kept jumping to hand, ‘the truth about cats & dogs‘, was something i knew better than to watch in my current state.  it’s a fun movie, i like it a lot:  a veterinarian who thinks her looks are a barrier to love ends up with an arty nerdy hottie with an a++ accent.  there’s a part where our intrepid vet says to her friend, “If I was a guy, I think women would like, line up to go out with me. I’m smart. I have a good sense of humor. I make a great living.”  sigh.

my big shiny plaque showed up in the mail from ACLAM yesterday, so a)they apparently didn’t screw up, it’s real, and b)oh yeah.  my careerthat’s what i’ve been busy working on instead of my love life.

so today’s another day.  there were actually *gasp!!* 3 truly witty postings on craigslist (so that’s a new source for 00s lazy love) that i waved back at.  and tonight’s movie, ‘antonia’s line‘,  which is phenomenal btw, was a whole lot more self-worth-fulfilling, if that makes any sense.

it’s like that raised-eyebrow look on Chris’ face when he was discussing the last ill-advised encounter.  “you’re really ok with settling for that?”  no, apparently.



  1. Chelle you really need to call me so we can chat. I’d LOVE to catch up. Email me your digits, lov

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